LPS Biotin TLRpure™

We ensure that our products have the following properties:

Qualified Purity & Activity 
High potency TLR4-specific Ligand 
Ultrapure lipopolysaccharides (LPS) (no detectable activity induced by protein, RNA and DNA) 
Tested on TLR4 KO murine macrophages 
Standardised Aqueous Sterile Solution 
No purification or hazardous solubilisation  
Excellent lot-to-lot consistency

General Information

Instead of using TLR4 specific antibodies, the method of using a labelled TLR4 ligand such as LPS for the detection of surface receptor levels capable of binding to LPS offers an attractive alternative detection tool. This is in particular the case, if for certain species other than human TLR4 specific antibodies of sufficient high quality are not readily available. Biotinylated S-type LPS can serve as a useful reagent for evaluating LPS binding and cell activation in white blood cells and may be used to analyse LPS tissue distribution in vivo by immunohistochemistry using streptavidin-conjugates.

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