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  • LipodisqTM Control Sterile Solution Cat. No. #IAX-700-100

    LipodisqTM Control Sterile Solution Cat. No. #IAX-700-100

    Control LipodisqTM solution. Ready-to-use!
    Cannot be used to formulate / incorporate actives.
    • A nanoparticle (11-40nm) drug delivery system comprising a discoidal phospholipid bilayer membrane stabilised by a chaperone molecule annulus.
    • Internal properties of the phospholipid membrane support the disposition and stabilisation of drug molecule candidates and preserve the native conformation of membrane molecules.
    • The resulting encapsulated actives are rendered water-soluble and specialised for intra-cellular penetration/delivery via endosomal uptake mechanisms.
    • LipodisqTM solutions show a good safety profile and are suitable for in vitro and in vivo investigations.
    • For a customizable biodegradable LipodisqTM version with a higher concentration of actives or an alternative lipid option, contact Innaxon.