• Widest range of LPS, Lipid A and MPLA in Sterile Aqueous Solutions (Ready-to-Use)


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  • TLRpureTM certified TLR4 exclusive Ligands (LPS, Lipid A, MPLA):
    Potent: >10e7 EU/mg
    Pure: Tested for absence of RNA, DNA, lipoprotein
    Convenient: 1mg/ml stable sterile, aqueous, solutions

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    Specialist expertise for TLR4 and LPS (since 1966)

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    Widest range of LPS chemotypes from E. coli and Salmonella directly from the Manufacturer!

  • The Experts for TLR4 Agonists and Antagonists

Innaxon is the specialist manufacturer of LPS, MPLA, Lipid A and endotoxin-free TLR agonists: unparalleled purity and potency since 2003. Customized adjuvants formulations for B2B customers and pharmaceutical R&D available at competitive pricing.
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